Channel 9-5 Quest screen size from Tablo

Hello cut the cord and got the Tablo Quad with an internal Barracuda 1TB hard drive, my issue I am in Denver CO 80210 and have an issue with channel 9-5 Quest it is a 16:9 screen on tv but with the Tablo the output is a 4:3 screen with a 16:9 picture squeezed into it, records like that also, all other channels are good. any info to fix this would be great.
Thank you for your time and response.

Would it have anything to do with KUSA broadcasting 9-5 in a 4:3 aspect ratio?

And the TV tuner adjusting the aspect ratio based on user specification while HDMI doesn’t?

Aspect ratio is baked right into the encoding of the video by the broadcaster. Tablo just displays what its told so unfortunately we can’t override it when it’s incorrect.

The best way to get this fixed is to touch base directly with the station and ask them to ensure their encoder is set for the correct aspect ratio.

And what would the correct aspect ratio be?

Could it be pillarbox or letterbox and hopefully not windowbox. The way some shows are recorded, actual 4:3 aspect ratio has a better picture quality that a station that applies 16:9 to 4:3.

Of course 4:3 loses something once it’s passed through H.264 transcoding.