Channel 47.1 in Montreal


I’m wondering if anyone can watch channel 47.1 in Montreal with their Tablo, whether it be the live broadcast or a recording ?

I either get a failed recording, or an error on live viewing saying the format is incompatible.

My set-up : ipad and apple tv 2, laptop, 4 tuner


@JCmontreal - Something may have changed at the broadcaster since you did your initial channel scan. Can you try redoing your channel scan (in the settings area) and see if you’re able to watch/record moving forward?

Just rescanned. The channel comes in at 100%, but I still can’t watch it. I just get a placeholder with the show’s name.

I can test it later tonight, is this channel working for you when you hook up the coaxial cable to your TV tuner, without using Tablo?

Yes, the channel works if I hook up the antenna directly to the TV.

I concur with @JCmontreal, this channel will not start.
I personally get an infinite loop when I tune it, this is probably because I dont have an active subscription, else I’d probably get an image like on the screenshot posted. Tried on Chrome browser / iPad Tablo app as well.
I also did a rescan and same result, that’s pretty weird.

Here’s some info about this channel

Hey guys - We’d like to log in to one of your Tablos so we can see what’s happening with this channel. Can one or both of you send us a note so we can get that process started?

Just submitted a ticket.