Changing preferred PBS channel

Is there a way to change the default PBS station when recording? In the L.A. area, there are three different PBS stations, however when I go to record a show, it always defaults to one of the three and doesn’t offer the other two. Unfortunately the one it defaults to doesn’t record in 16:9 format, only 4:3. Thanks for any help!

maybe remove the 4:3 channel from your lineup?

This has been requested before, and I know that Tablo has said it is on the roadmap. For now you really have three options:

  1. remove the 4:3 channel from your lineup
  2. Schedule a manual recording
  3. If the showtimes are not the same, you can tune to the channel and select record while it is live (or an alternate: let the early recording finish, then delete it. The show should re-record on the later showing).

I receive 4 local PBS channels. They all appear on my channel lineup. One is HD, the other 3 are not. I pick and choose whichever one I want to record with.

Maybe you should try a rescan.

@jerryg1 - are you doing a manual recording? I get all the PBS channels, but only one is available when choosing a future recording. Thanks for the info.

@Kartajan @ddd671 - thanks for the suggestion. Might have to try it.

No not manual. I record from the Live TV screen. 50-1 is my primary PBS HD channel. It’s where new shows or episodes first appear. Sub channel 50-2 which is SD will often repeat the same program in a different time slot.
If I c!ick info It will list all the repeats for that program which usually occur on the sub channel.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!