Changing from wireless to wired - do I lose all my recorded movies?

I have been using my Tablo with my wireless SSID for a couple of months. I now want to install on my wired ethernet. Questions. How do I get to the original setup page again? Will I lose all my movies? The ethernet lights are not on, or blinking. Does that mean I need to do a factory reset? Is there a web url address that lets me configure the Tablo from the browser? I have forgotten a lot in the last 2 months.

@GSparks33 Switching to Ethernet should be quick. Just attach the Ethernet to your router/switch, then to the Tablo. Then reboot the Tablo by tapping the blue reset button on the back of the unit.

When it boots up, it should come online using the Ethernet interface. There should be two small LEDs lit up (orange and green) above the Ethernet port as long as you have an Ethernet cord plugged in. If they don’t light up, try using another cable.

If you have a good ethernet connection, it’ll use it with no other setup. So if you have no lights, you have a bad cable or you’re plugged into a dead port.

You won’t loose anything.

Thanks for the quick support.

Well - I’ve used multiple cables and two good know working ports - no light at the Tablo eney port.

I of course meant enet of ethernet port

Then put in a support ticket. You might have bad hardware. They can check remotely.

Thanks - I didn’t know that.

I figure that out as soon as I get it back up on wifi…

You can send us a ticket here.