Changed internet

My Tablo 2-tuner was connected fine via Time Warner, but I “upgraded” my service today, they gave me a new modem/router, and thus a new wifi network name/password, I cannot get my Roku to recognize my Tablo, and I cannot figure out how to restart the setup.

I would change the wifi network name, and password to match the old one.

However, if you don’t wanna do that…
Connect the Tablo to the router via ethernet cable.
Reboot the Tablo.
After a minute, you should be able to go to:

If the Tablo doesn’t show up immediately, use the ‘Search Again’ button.
Once you see your Tablo, click on the WiFi button to change the Tablo’s wifi settings to match the new ones.
Once the Tablo wifi settings have been updated, disconnect the Tablo’s ethernet cable, and reboot the Tablo.

I sometimes do exactly what @Radojevic says. When I add, change, upgrade I often set the new SSID password combination to match my old setup. It’s easier then updating every device.

From a security aspect you should occasionally change the passwords.

This is the way Tobago. Makes life with all your devices much easier.

Make life with your wife easier too!