Changed antenna direction and rescanned Guide has blanks

Repositioned and rescanned channels…picks up 30 channels. Saved and updated Blanks on Guide for 8-10 channels…rescanned and saved, gets “error” message on “save”
Only choice is to “dismiss”
Should I unplug, reset reboot?

What did the error message actually say?

Blank guide usually means that the channel is unknown for this zip code. If so some people try a zip code closer to the missing channels to see if it has guide data. And if that works report the missing guide data in a help ticket.

I am you came tune the missing channels using the channel number in the live tv grid.

I can use a different zip code for each channel?? If all “dots” 5 are green. isn’t that signal strength?
Tune from live tv grid??

I didn’t have the issue until I moved the antenna …we had a power failure lasted for 2 hours Tablo came back on, seemed okay until I moved the antenna…

No, one zipcode is used for all the channels, it’s used so you get the proper guide data.

If you’re still having the issue I would try power cycling (unplugging) or just quickly tap the blue button on the back (don’t hold it in).

Signal strength is not signal quality. You can have a strong signal full of noise.

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I agree with @mbellaire suggestion above; try power cycling the Tablo. If that doesn’t do the trick and resolve the issue, give our team a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or send us a ticket and we can help get this resolved.