Change WiFi that Tablo is currently using

I need to change the WiFi information that my TabloQuad has, meaning I need to change to another SSID & Password.

How do I do this?

You can easily do this using a browser on a computer.

That will not work because everything on my home network is on a different subnet than the Tablo itself.
I have no idea how it happened but about a month or so ago my connection to just stopped working. I have 4 PC/laptops on my network and they all have the exact same problem.

Any other suggestions?

Since you don’t appear to want different subnets the obvious solution is to fix the different subnet problem. But since you haven’t identified what brand of router(s) or access points are being used it’s going to hard to make any suggestions. Are you sure you aren’t connected to the guest wifi network.

My router is an ASUS RT-AX86U. Internally everything is on the same subnet 192.168.50.XXX.
The different subnet that is causing the problem is the IP addresses that “I think” is assigned by my ISP T-Mobile.

Tablo support has told me that my home network and the Tablo are on different subnets.
I just ran “SeeMyIP” and it reported this PC/network as currently and Support told me the IP of my Tablo is

If you need more info please ask as I want to solve this dilemma soon.

And do you have 2 DHCP servers. One on the ASUS and one on ISPT-Mobile versus 1 DHCP server that is assigning IP addresses from the same IP/subnet pool

I do have a DCHP server on my router for my internal network. I do NOT know if the T-Mobile Gateway has one. But it may because different devices can log in through the WiFi provided directly by the Gateway would need to have an external IP to receive back information.

I have been wondering if when I set up my Tablo initially if I was asked to provide an SSID and I gave it the Gateway’s SSID. I have been asking how edit the info I gave the Tablo initially but I haven’t received a response as how to do that. I have been told there is no way to do that.

I’m even considering doing a factory reset on the Tablo itself and then starting over from scratch. I don’t know what the pros and cons of this action may be.

Long story short, you’ll lose “everything”, including recording schedules and any recorded content because the database used for all of that will be reset as well.

he only way I can think of short of a reset is to disable the DHCP server on the ASUS router and reboot the tablo. Hopefully on reboot tablo’s DHCP address request would fetch an IP address from the t-mobile DHCP server which should be handing out addresss in the 192 range. Of course that actually solves the dual subnet dual nat problem.