Change from wifi to ethernet cable

I have had some issues with Tablo dropping the connection so I rewired my router to get it next to the Tablo so I can connect via ethernet cable rather than wifi.

I plugged in the Tablo. Will it autmatically use the wired connection or do I need to reset the Tablo? The issue is intermittent so I thought I’d ask and make sure I don’t need to do anything else other than plug the Tablo in for it to use the ethernet. Hoping to avoid issues rather than wait and see.

Is there any way in settings to see if my Tablo is connecting to my router via ethernet rather than wifi?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Once you plug in the Ethernet cable just power cycle the Tablo by hitting the little blue button on the back. The Tablo will switch to an Ethernet connection.

When I say to hit it, just hold the button for a second.

That did it, thanks! All is working much better now.