CFTO (Toronto, Canada) will be changing it's broadcasting channel on April 29 12:01AM

FYI CFTO (Toronto) will be changing it’s broadcasting channel on April 29 12:01AM which will require us to perform a rescan. See link below:

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The repack has arrived in Canada. So even after the repack CFTO will still be a weak VHF station? I was hoping they would move it to UHF so I’d get better OTA signal from them - boo!

There are several rounds of transmitter changes taking place across the country. The first round of changes will take place during the early hours of April 29 and include the following stations:

  • CTV Toronto will change from Channel 9 to Channel 8. Virtual channel to remain as 9.1.

Bump for those who can’t watch CFTO this morning.

I no longer can pick up CFTO even after multiple rescans. It shows in the channel list with 5 green dots but reports error week signal when trying to tune in. Anyone else experiencing this?

After you did the scan, you hit “Add to Guide”?

I rescanned and CFTO started working again.