CES 2015 less than 2 weeks away

@TabloTV - CES 2015 less than 2 weeks away, is that mythical Roku firmware upgrade with EPG you’ve been promising going to become reality?   Web app for Fire TV/Android TV?    Post a couple teaser screen shots, it is holiday season!


@7up - Would love to throw you guys a bone but we can’t scoop ourselves!!! Good things come to those who wait :slight_smile:

Been waiting for 6 months for you guys to add some features 8-}

I hear ya @7up but we don’t have an unlimited amount of engineering resources. If we did, it would be easy to churn out new things, but we have to work with what we have for now. 

At CES the girl on the stand said you had released a FIreTV app just before Christmas. No mention of it here. Can Its at least get on the Beta?

Two FireTVs, one stick, numerous Android tablets (mostly Samsung) , Nexus Player, Various Rockchip 3188 and 3288 media players.

@steveglennon - Odd… We didn’t release FireTV before Xmas. It’s coming soon! 

If you want to get on the beta for this app send a note to @TabloSupport with your MAC address and the list of all of your devices.