Received my Tablo today and trying to setup the port forwarding since the router can’t auto-program.

I have an Actiontec C1000A.

On the router setup page, I enter the Tablo IP address.

The page asks for the STARTING PORT and the ENDING port.

My Tablo App gives me a PUBLIC PORT “->” PRIVATE PORT (I’m assuming that’s the start and end the router page is asking for)

When I click APPLY, the router page says THE PORT RANGE IS INVALID.

Any thought?

Your router should give a field for public port as well as private port as you’ll need to input both fields. The range isn’t the whole public to private ports, but should be just a single number. For example if you’re trying to port 8887 use the range from 8887 to 8887.

If you can it is also recommended that you assign a dhcp reservation for the Tablo ip address through your router.

According to the link below, if this is what your UI for the modem/router looks like then you cannot forward an External Port to a different Internal Port. This is an inherent limitation of your router.

My recommendation is your put your modem/router in bridge mode and use it as a standalone modem alone. Then get a new router. Even cheap $20 routers these days have proper port forwarding functions.

See links: