CC on by default?

I am using Tablo on Android TV app (AirTV Player). I could turn CC on by long press OK and turn it on. However, it looks like whenever I change channel, I need to turn it on again. Is there any way to keep CC on?

Are you using the original or PREVIEW app?

Not sure if the AirTV Player offers this, but the Amazon Fire TV and Roku both offer an option in the device settings to turn Closed Captioning on in a global way. It works best with the PREVIEW version of the Tablo app.

I get the Tablo app from Google Play store for Android TV. I don’t know if it is preview version.

The PREVIEW app is marked with that designation.

As mentioned, I’m not sure if the AirTV player offers the ‘always on’ CC setting that Amazon does but it’s certainly worth looking for!

Found the app. I’ll give it a try.