Cbsn on Android

Does CBSN watch live work for anyone using KitKat or Marshmallow? Galaxy S5 worked prior to KitKat and Nexus Player worked prior to Marshmallow. Watching selected stories works…just not LIVE.

Just installed in on my HTC One M8, no problems (CBSN LIve)

Nevermind, I’m still at jelly Bean I think.

Go to here. Mine says Android 5.1.1
It is on my website and displays what the browser reports

Works fine on my 6.0 phone but my Shield doesn’t have 6.0 to test

Uninstallef, removed junk files, reinstall forcing it to redownload. Working now.

Home and for some reason it is working now. Don’t know if it was fixed after I emailed the developper, called Google, or if they were just having a problem at the time. Others said it didn’t work in the reviews in the playstore.

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