CBS shows for Sunday night didn't have recording flag

I’ve had the 3 Sunday evening shows set to record new episodes for a while now, and all 3 were indicating they were new. The shows are Wisdom of the Crowd, NCIS Los Angeles and Madam Secretary. None o the 3 shows, however, ere set to record, so I manually set them. Anyone else see this? I wonder if there was a problem with the way the software is detecting new shows, or possibly the guide provider is missing some key piece of data. I did notice all 3 shows were set to record next week.

Sounds like a local provider data problem. I have two of those shows scheduled, and they’re both marked with the orange triangle in the live view to record tonight.

Mine are fine also and set to record.

Yeah, looks like it’s just local problem. Hope it doesn’t happen too often. One of he reasons I check everyday.

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I have the same problem. Already tried re-scanning channels and updating guide but the orange rec flag still doesn’t show up. Any ideas ?

Looking more and more like a mistake made by the guide provider on a localized basis.