CBS "Ransom" not on upcoming show list

It is showing on Live TV but not on upcoming shows. Zip 78639.
It is up to episode 2. My last guode update was 9 hours ago.

I see it just fine under TV shows. It is not listed under Prime Time since it is a hour before that period.

Thanks snowcat but that is not the problem… however…
Upon further investigation, however, I found that it shows up on my ipad but not on the web version on my PC.
…and stranger, it shows up on my PC when I use Firefox but not Chrome.
Maybe I need to clear some cookies…!!

The title card on my Tablo for this show is blank with just Ransom on it

Mine too. No show poster. I’ve already submitted a support ticket on this.

Hear anything (acknowledgement at least?) about the missing cover art? Kind of annoying…

Same here.

Open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo to have this fixed - they will take it up with the guide provider directly. Such a small problem for forum acknowledgement.

@FlyingDiver already opened a ticket. I did not start a thread about it and did not want to open a second ticket as Tablo has enough to do, just asking if he had heard anything back from his ticket.

Probably could have used PM but i never use it hear so I forget about it.

We definitely hear ya… Sometimes the broadcasters are a bit slow to provide cover art for newer shows. Seems counter intuitive because you’d think they’d want to promote them but sometimes logic does not win.

We make several attempts before the first air date to grab the images from our database but if there are no images available by the time it airs, Tablo will give up until the next guide data image refresh date (which is ~100 days later).

In a future firmware update we’re going to put in another ‘last ditch’ attempt to locate images for these shows just after the first air date which hopefully will help.

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This there and Hunted is there now. Maybe was a delay in getting the art from wherever you get it.

I saw it there finally tonight. The Ransom cover art that is

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