CBS missing from Tablo

I posted a reply here but I honestly don’t think it is the same issue.

I found out this morning I lost channel 13 (CBS, KOVR here in the Sacramento, CA area). My recordings from last night failed to record because of it. Did not have this issue the day/night before. When I attempt to load the channel I get the following error.


As a test, I disconnected the antenna from Tablo and hooked it up right to the TV. Channel 13 comes in just fine. I disconnected Tablo power for about 1 minute and hooked everything back up. Still cannot load the channel.

I did a rescan and the channel doesn’t even come up as a choice. Not even a red dot to indicate poor signal. It is as if Tablo doesn’t even know the channel exists.

My next test is to head up to the attic to check the antenna position. I doubt it moved and since the channel comes in when I hook directly to the TV, I know it is getting a signal of some sort. But it is worth a shot.

That channel seems to be UHF 536mhz to 542mhz. UHF is more susceptible to signal noise and the signals don’t move through trees or buildings very well. You have tried most of the things I would recommend already.

Have you plugged the antenna directly into the Tablo without a splitter?

Does your harddrive have it’s own power supply?

Are there any new electronics in your house?

Is the cable run longer to your Tablo then your TV?

Edit:. Just an FYI. I had a cable go bad. I switched it and it made a HUGE difference. I also was having trouble recently that was due to electronic noise interference. I’m have a much better experience since I tracked those issues down. The interference effected my Tablo more then my TVs built in tuner.

I am not sure exactly what went wrong but the channel suddenly appeared. Did a rescan and it came back all green. Maybe the signal was weak that day and just weak enough for the Tablo not to be able to pick it up but my TV did. I know the tuner in the TV is stronger than the tuner in the Tablo.

The channel shouldn’t disappear from the guide unless you did a channel scan.