CBS forced Dish to disable ad-skipping feature

CBS made Dish disable their ad-skipping feature for CBS shows.

I know there’s been a lot of feature requests about skipping commercials on the Tablo. Sounds like maybe an avenue to avoid with Tablo - might be a grey area.

I hate CBS :-P 

As much as I’d like to have commerical skipping, its not a fight Tablo needs to enter.   As the recordings aren’t encrypted, we need someone to figure out how to incorporate Comskip or something similar.

I agree CBS made dish remove auto hop but dish are dependent on CBS to air it thru dish. But Tablo is OTA and CBS cannot black out OTA signals and demand they remove autoskip to Tablo.

A way for users to mark the breaks and share times with one another would be great way to keep Tablo somewhat isolated from direct participation.

If CBS can make a $14B company ( cry ‘uncle’ over ad skipping, I’m sure they could squash any OTA dvr company with the temerity to do the the same… :frowning:

So who is going to step up and figure out a way to incorporate Comskip?

REPLAYTV lost their battle with ad skipping technology and they were a DVR much like TABLO …  (they went bankrupt trying to fight it)

Yes please Tablo don’t go bankrupt

I would just be happy with FF Thumbnails on Roku.

Agreed on the “don’t need” to cause issues for TabloTV. This is a wonderful product that needs our support, our word of mouth advertising, and our polite comments to their tech staff when necessary so it can grow and improve in services and performance. It was the PERFECT solution in our radio station to distribute OTA signals to studios and the station apartment!  I would NOT want to lose the use of this box to bad decisions over controversial practices.