CBS and PBS not on Tablo

Why can I not get the local cbs or pbs stations?

Thank you all for the suggestions. I changed my location and rescanned and it worked.

Have you tried a different zip code to see if they show up?

Are you talking about not getting the station at all, or missing guide data? Have you gone to and looked at the signal search map tool there to see if your local network affiliate TV stations for CBS and PBS are within your antenna’s range? There could be several issues if you’re not receiving them, they could be VHF stations and you have a UHF-only antenna. Or they could be out of range for your antenna, or you could be blocked by some topographical feature between you and the TV station tower. If you click on the “Distance” column in your map, you’ll get a general idea of whether you should expect to have line-of-sight or not. It might be a simple matter of re-orienting your antenna, or raising it, or you might need a better antenna, or all of these, potentially :-).

Anyways, not clear whether you’re talking about missing guide data or whether you’re talking about not getting good enough reception.

What is your zip code? Are they on TV but not Tablo?

Another possibility is to try turning off the Tablo internal amplifier and rescan if you have not already. Strong stations can overdrive the tuner if the amp is on.

What is ,IP code? They could be Z Zbc rf signals,?

**ZIP 85746. Starting this year, CBS and it’s 5 sub stations are no longer in my EPG.

I also have the new Gen 4 Tablo 4 tuner unit, and CBS works fine in it, but you have a bug issue with the Legacy EPG and stopped getting it. Also, my Fire Recast, and direct OTA gets it fine, so I know it is a problem with Tablo

When can we expect this issue to be fixed?

Rescan Legacy. The rf frequency could have changed…

**I have tried scanning and not getting it. As I said, off the same antenna my Gen 4 gets CBS fine, my Fire Recast gets it fine along with OTA TV. If a Freq change occurred then it would be up to Tablo to correct for it in the EPG creation, thus Tablo no longer has it in their EPG. Also, I see others having the same issue here, so it must be a Tablo Legacy issue. ****

I have a channel on Legacy to hat is not on 4,th gen
It is ACE TV 20.1 (all 20.subchannrls but .,1 is all I eatch

Was there any difference after someone suggested turning off the application?

It is a Tablo issue. KVOA CBS has not changed their frequency, still 23.*. I have re scanned, and I have done everything possible on my end. Tablo creates the EPG NOT Me based off Tucson AZ, I even tried changing to a ZIP code under the KVOA (CBS) Transmitting tower, and NOTHING,. it is a EPG issue not a reception issue. I have used many different applications, Tablo Legacy, Tablo GEN 4, Amazon Fire Recast, Mediaportal and OTA. The all work fine getting KOVA 23.1 - 23.6 EXCEPT Tablo Legacy.

This is a Tablo issue. I am paying for this EPG and need to have my KVOA stations and I ask Tablo Support to fix this issue,.


You can use other to know what to watch but I do understand Gracenote dragging their feet

Just to clarify, Tablo uses Gracenote for the guide info. So while they can submit tickets to Gracenote based on things users report, it’s not Tablo themselves that provides the guide info so there is only so much they can do.

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This is not what I am paying for. If you are a Tablo employee and tell me this, then I would never recommend Tablo.

With that said, How can I watch a channel that Tablo does not support. Obliviously you don’t know how this system works,.

Are you an official Tablo Employee? We all need to know this.

No one on this COMMUNITY forum is a Tablo employee except those with Tablo in the name.

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Berating longtime members here is not a way to get any kind of help. Tablo Support will be back tomorrow. Creating tickets directly is still the best way to get in touch with them, especially on channel issues.

Thanks, I assumed that and see this forum seems to have fake people giving no valid information or bad advise. I hope there is a moderator that sees people with real concerns and can address them. Otherwise, what good is this forum

You can’t get the station if it is not available to configure. This is a Tablo issue, I am not going to waste any time with people giving suggestions that do not apply.

This is how Tablo works, or, doesn’t work in my Tablo. When you download an EPG, and the station is not there, you can’t get it since it doesn’t exist. FULL STOP Tablo maintains the EPG for your zip code, in my case, Tucson. It their system does not add it to the EPG, then nothing and end user can do. Tablo has to fix the issue, that is how it works.

Thanks, I had a simple comment, and got responses that did not make any sense.

I’ll rephrase my question so these people can understand and give a rational suggestion.

The Tablo EPG no longer has the 6 CBS stations I watch. People commented to just watch without an EPG. Fine, Tell me how this can be done?