CBS affiliate records with NO sound

For the past week or two I’ve noticed something really strange about Philly’s local CBS affiliate Ch3. There is no problem with the sound when watching this station but the recordings have no sound.

This is obviously very strange. Has anyone ever seen or heard anything like this?
Thanks in advance!

Do you use surround sound at all?

I don’t believe we have surround sound but even if I did the sound is missing regardless of which device we play it back on.

I get CBS channel 3, it records a show every day, and the recordings do have sound. I have a Roku TV, and surround sound is normally on. I just tested with surround sound off and the recordings still have sound. Check your settings and turn off surround sound and then record something on channel 3 and see if you get sound.

The surround sound has never been on. Should I try it with it on?

can’t hurt to try. I’d give it only a 10% chance it will make a difference.