CBC Guide Data Missing (CBLT-DT)

Got my Tablo 4 up and running, hard drive working, firmware updated, firewall ports configured… all good.  Scanned channels and I get 8 (well I get WNLO also but it’s just at night it usually comes in, so I skipped it for the guide)… anyway.  CBLT-DT (CBC Toronto) is blank in the Live TV guide.  What did I do wrong?

Reboot your Tablo.

Or KW postal code doesn’t link up CBC Toronto maybe.

Just tried a reboot, no luck.  Will try a Toronto postal code.

Yeah, ok that’s messed up; gained CBC and lost City-31… um… can Tablo fix this?

Looks like the postal code change fixed it… whether it was the actual postal code change or that it triggered some kind of refresh I’m not sure, but it works now.  Thanks for the help!

How are you getting all those channels in KW? Do you have a massive antenna?

@kwzombie - Please place a ticket w/ Tablo Support including your correct postal code, the channel call sign and your MAC address so we can get this patched up. 

Glad the workaround is solid in the meantime though!