Cast to Chromecast from iOS? Please?

I cannot cast from the Tablo app to Chromecast on my iPhone. This really blows. I see in the forum that people have been moaning about this for over 4 years. I am joining them. Some person who seems to be from Tablo says it’s “on the roadmap”, so I ask: is the roadmap over 4 years long? Will we get this valuable feature?

Please provide Chromecast support on iOS.

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This has been a long time feature request, hopefully you’ll get it. But you must realize you’re in the minority, most people use a standalone streaming box such as a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, etc. So no need for a casting option.

As well, it’s likely based on the annual or quarterly surveys that there are other features people want first. For example, remote viewing via the Roku is something I’d greatly enjoy more.

I’m happy to vote for casting iPhones to Chromecasts as well. (I’m new so please let me know if there is a place to do this)