Carplay in a camper

Can you use Tablo with Apple Carplay? Thinking of getting a travel trailer with a CarPlay radio and was wondering if it would work when parked at a campsite.

The Tablo app is not a Carplay app. Only Carplay apps will work with Carplay.

If the radio in your camper has video inputs, however, you might be able to rig something up. Does it?

Oh now that’s interesting, the car play in campers now. We had a little 13" TV in ours and I used an Amazon Firestick and would hookup to camp ground wifi when available to hook up to the Tablo at home.

Given my two cars have car play, I could imagine people trying to watch their Tablo while driving down the highways may not be the best idea. Plus the missus likes to yell at the TV sometimes and I wouldn’t want to be startled while in traffic :slight_smile:

You could use CarPlay if you jailbreak the iPhone and add a couple jailbreak things to make it work.

I just thought it would be nice to use Carplay when parked. I know pioneer has a CarPlay radio with a built in DVD player that you can use while parked. It would be nice to watch your local news with Tablo and Carplay while parked. Just saying.

The question I asked you in my post above required a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for me to help you further.

I don’t know of any video streaming app that works with Apple CarPlay, no Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.

But this is CarPlay for cars, not sure about travel trailers. The best person to ask about this would be an Apple employee, either call them or visit your local Apple Store.

Or maybe even the manufacturer or dealer of the travel trailer.