Captions on Roku 10.5 appear to be broken

My Roku Ultra recently updated to Roku OS 10.5.

After the update I noticed that captions in the Tablo app are now much larger than normal, they aren’t really centered, and they now extend beyond the edge of the screen.

Captions in other apps (Plex, Netflix, etc) seem to be working fine with 10.5, so this looks like it could be unique to Tablo.

@Brettface Hrm… Does adjusting the look/feel of the captions in the Roku SETTINGS area change anything?

I went into Roku’s settings, navigated over to the captions area, and every possible option that I could change was all set to “Default (set by content)”.

I can change the font, size, color, etc in those menus and I can see those changes reflected in the Tablo app, but the placement is still wrong and text still gets cut off on the right.

Gotcha. Thanks for testing/confirming. I’ll send this along to the Roku team to see if there’s anything we can do on our end to fix this.

It would be good to know what Roku OS build number you’re on (the four digits after the 10.5) just in case it doesn’t look that way on some other builds.

Yep. I’m on a Roku Ultra (model 4640x) running Roku OS 10.5.0 build 4201-29.

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We’re running the same OS & build here, but on a different model of Ultra and we’re not seeing the same thing.

Does tweaking the resolution of your TV help at all?

Anyone else seeing something similar?

I tried all four 4k resolution options within Roku OS, and they all had the same issue. I tried 1080p and it was also affected. It wasn’t until I switched down to 720p that the issue went away. I was then able to change to any other resolution and the captions looked fine.

I’m not sure what the problem may have been, but it seems fixed for now. I’m hoping it stays that way!

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OK - keep us posted if it shows up again and the same ‘fix’ doesn’t do the trick.

Roku pulled a reverse on my player.

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2019 Roku Ultra LT. When coming out of fast forward, I see captions for a few seconds and then they go away, even though I don’t use that option. Only seen this with 10.5

Right after posting this, I switched mine on and it also reverse “updated” back to 10.0