Captions difference between stream sources

In Safari, when I go to a Live show (in Tablo interface), the captions look like this:

If I use the url from that stream directly in Safari, it produces captions that look the same.

However, if I use the /pvr//pl/playlist.m3u8 in Safari, I get different looking captions:

Why is that? Are there any other differences in the live stream and the recorded stream?

@BaronKen - The look of closed captioning is defined by the player, not the Tablo.

In the case of the difference, both were being played in Safari. One was a URL of a Live stream played in Safari and the other is a URL of the recorded stream (of the Live show) in Safari.

Both were the same show, both in Safari (compare the last 2 images above). Only the source of the stream is different. One comes from getting the URL from “Live”, e.g. “<IP:18080>/stream/pls.m3u8?mEmWmILUi4xhCtnQpZHJJA” and the other comes from the pvr playslist of the show being recorded, e.g. “<IP:18080>/pvr/52/pl/playlist.m3u8”