Can't watch recorded shows when 4 shows recording

I try to get to recorded shows when there are 4 shows recording. I thought I read that I had 2 streams available outside the 4 shows recording, but I cannot get to recorded shows to watch. It just shows a spinning circle. I am using the roku app.

The 4 tuners you have also handle the encodering/decodering. At least one must be available to do playback.


I cannot get to recorded shows to watch. It just shows a spinning circle. I am using the roku app

The number of tuners your Tablo has dictates its capabilities.
Watching or recording a single live program requires a single tuner.
Watching a recorded program streamed to a device away from your Tablo’s home network requires a tuner. Watching a recorded program does not require a tuner.

Now that you understand what activities require a tuner, it’s easy to
do some ‘tuner math’. For example, on a two tuner model, you could
watch a show live while recording another. Or if you’re stuck waiting in
the doctor’s office, you can set a show to record and watch a show on
your tablet that you’ve recorded earlier.
On a four tuner model, someone can be watching the football game on
the big screen, while another person watches a movie on a tablet all
while recording two other live shows.

If you have 4 channels recording at once on a quad tuner, you should be able to watch a previous recording locally say on a Roku.


Can you try watching said recording on another device such as iPhone, tablet, computer, etc.?

If you are trying to watch remote then that would be a reason as remote viewing does require a free tuner.

but I cannot get to recorded shows to watch

When using tablo firmware 2.1.x and roku, the performance of retreiving the list of recorded shows was acceptable. With 2.2.x firmware the performance sucks gas. Especially when a tuner is busy.

There is a beta being worked now to fix issues with Roku and slowness

Just looked at the specs for the Vixs Xcode 5190 processor here, and see it actually transcodes 6 HD channels simultaneously. So I was mistaken thinking it was 4 channel only. Actually it really has quite impressive specs when you take the time to review.


True, but the Roku app can’t be used for remote viewing.

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Correct but the Tablo can still only transcode 4 streams at once so if you’re recording 4 channels, you will not be able to transcode a 5th stream for say remote viewing of an old recording.

This may not be a hardware limitation but it is intended by design with how the firmware on the Tablo is written.

@Scott_Gaboury - We’ve had a few reports of this issue with Roku. Can you pop us a note and let us know which version of the Roku app you’re using and which Roku hardware you’re using as well as whether or not you have a subscription?

Yes, I did not realize they were talking Roku as that is not what was said in the beginning :wink: