Can't watch on multiple tvs

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The Tablo DVR is transcoding the original MPEG 2 tv signal to mp4 and creates a buffer of about 10 to 15 seconds before sending it to the device(s) requesting the feed. It only has enough space on its internal memory for one feed.

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Thank you. Its weird that i can watch live tv on one tv fine without a hard drive. I will grab a hard drive and see if that works. I will update this week if it works. thanks. On that note…hd suggestions that work awesome are appreciated

Ok that makes sense. Thanks very much. Will grad a hd and give it a try :slight_smile:

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I’d go with a recommended hard drive:

Not all drives play nicely with the Tablo, so you might want to stick with the recommended drives. Mine is a 2TB model from the WD Elements series. The latest updates support much larger drives.

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Here’s a thread from the user community on USB hard drives: ‘Tested’ Hard Drives

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I looked thru the page on recommended hard drives and just got home and hooked up a seagate. Worked like a champ. Streaming nfl on two tvs and nascar on a thrid flawlessly! Thank you all so much. I am so excited to be fully operational and cable free!!!


I may need an auxiliary cooling fan for my poor little tablo. Its gonna be working its tail off!

@TabloSupport can this link be edited and list a minimum router? Not all routers are created equally.

Also please suggest antenna that can receive BOTH VHF and UHF so others don’t make the mistake I made. Mohu Leaf WORJS for most but not channel 62 which is broadcast 13.

Omg! I never saw this in all the research I did on the tablo or during the set up. I mean I knew you needed the HD to record but not watch. I feel like an idiot lol. My understanding is that there really are no small antennas that will get vhf lo. The only ones that will get it are the big old school roof top ones because it needs to be big. Most stations no longer broadcast in vhf and those that do mostly are vhf high. Some of the new ones will get vhf high given correct positioning but none will get vhf lo. I happen to live in an area that has one of only 50 stations in the country still using vhf lo and I can’t get it (suburban philly). They say the antennas get vhf and uhf and hope you don’t catch them in the fib because fewer than 10% of the population is served by vhf broadcast and most ppl will never know the difference. This has been quite a learning experience for me. I can’t get Abc from philly ota no matter what i do because it’s vhf lo ch. 6. I can live with it given my savings

You are likely right that even a VHF indoor antenna will not get VHF Lo channels just cause the antenna is too small. But can’t hurt to try different antennas if you can get a channel you want.

That does stink…I didn’t know that anyone was still using those bands. I have a VHF 11 station, that my UHF antenna could indeed “see”, but wasn’t quite reliable enough, so I added a VHF antenna as well.
You mention (I think) that you’re fairly close to the VHF station? You could combine a reasonably small VHF to your UHF using this:

Well, it looks like there really isn’t a small loband antenna, but if this is an attic install, this would possibly still fit (would in my attic):

There is a simple way of making a loop antenna for lo VHF. This person made a hi VHF loop antenna fitable in an attic small space:

The loop antenna for lo VHF would be larger but still manageable. Probably double or triple the size of the hi VHF antenna. One would have to calculate the size of the loop for the specific lo VHF channel wanted. This hi VHF antenna is 23" in diameter - extrapolate from that what the diameter size would be for the lo VHF antenna based on the channel needed (there is a formula and calculation to get the exact length based on the wavelength for that frequency).

These VHF loop antennas are quite powerful. I made one for channel 10 for a friend and it got him NBC at 100% (he is living in a forest 40 miles from the broadcast tower). The cost was about $10 mostly for the copper tubing from Home Depot. VHF antennas don’t have to be Yagis.

The loop is the important component. In the pictures above, the rest of the antenna is supporting structure for the reflector which doesn’t need to be as elaborate as in the photos.

Winegard FL5500A works for me and 13 is 67 miles. Also have broadcast channel 7.

Seems I got very lucky - picked up an RCA 751 on “closeout” at a big-box hardware store for $13. Hung it in the attic over my garage, and has been perfect for me, for all the channels I am capable of getting.

Yes I count that as lucky, I experimented with at least 10 antennas. I have purchased 2 antennas so far, looking to get a 3rd which may improve my signal in bad weather.

I know the feeling. I went through countless antennas over the past decade. I estimate that I had spent over $500 looking for the perfect antenna for my situation. I am in a valley surrounded by 50 foot trees. The slope of the valley contains many more trees. At the top of the slope there are even more trees. Altogether I am looking at combined tree heights over 75 feet. I tried every conceivable antenna that was hyped as an OTA “savior.” Even ordered antennas from Europe (the shipping costs were three times that of the antenna itself). In Georgia the trees never stop growing or multiplying…

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Channel 7 is VHF High-band, and the OP needs Channel 6, which is VHF Lo-band…so it is unlikely that antenna would help him…

I am glad I found this thread. I just got my Tablo 4 tuner yesterday and the WD My Passport hard drive that I’ve had for years wouldn’t work with it, which was a little disappointing, but not as much as the Tablo only streaming to 1 device at a time. So I’ve been trying to get the Tablo working before I invest more money in this setup and I was almost ready to give up, but apparently I can’t stream multiple live TV stream to more than 1 computer because I don’t have a hard drive attached. Would be nice if this was listed as part of the specs when purchasing so that others don’t spend so much time trying to figure out why it isn’t working like I did. In case anyone was searching for error codes, I was getting playback error response code 404. Maybe this will help other find this thread when searching as I found nothing on this site for response code 404.