Can't watch Live TV with Tablo Quad

I’ve had my Tablo Quad for about a week.
Now I can’t watch Live TV as I could watch the first few days I had it. I get the following error message:
Playback Failed. Storage is full. Delete some recordings before trying again.

With initial setup I installed and formatted a Seagate Barracuda 1 TB internal hard drive.
I was able to record the Super Bowl and 1 episode of 60 Minutes which is a total of about 6 hours. I’ve able to play these 2 recordings.

My Tablo tells me I have 970 GB available.
So I’m confused why I getting the “Storage is full” error message.
I have a TCL Roku TV. I’m using an ethernet cable between the router and the Tablo unit.
Any help from you all is greatly appreciated!

I wold suggest you log a support case with Tablo and let them look at the logs. It could be a drive issue.

Thanks for responding. I have submitted a request to Tablo support. What logs would they be looking at?

The ones internal to your Tablo that you can’t get to. They’ll ask you to put your unit in “heartbeat” mode, which allows them access to the logs.

Have you tried rebooting (aka power cycling) your Tablo?

Yes, I 've tried rebooting several times with the same results.

You could try disconnecting the hd, and see if you still get the “storage full” error for live tv. Power off the Tablo, disconnect drive, power up.

That might help determine if it’s a hd issue.

Do you have access to a Linux system? If so, you can connect the HDD to the Linux system to see if there is anything wrong with the drive. The side benefit of doing this is the logs that are not usually visible to us can be read when the HDD is connected to a Linux system.