Cant watch live tv or record

cant watch live tv or record any shows says weak signal but i can watch any tv show series from tablo. tablo is plugged in direcrly to modem i am pulling 216mps upload 32 there no internet issue here

Tablo doesn’t use your internet connection for much.

Weak signal is referring to your antenna. Have you tried a channel scan?

thanks for reply i have redone channel scan. it played the first 2 days no problem then all at once it want play live tv or record, it plays all the tv show apps

Sounds like something is messing up your antenna signal.

What do you mean by “it plays all the tv show apps”? You mean it plays shows already recorded?

on the tv show options where you can watch tv shows in the menu selection . i got the 100 mile antenna it scans same channels i hooked the antenna direct to tv vs tablo and i can watch tv without tablo using the antenna