Can't use tablo app on android to connect device

I initially set up my Dual Lite with ethernet connected to my dual band range extender. Tablo worked well, dual band quit broadcasting. Have spent the afternoon trying to reconnect Dual Lite via wifi using Tablo app on Android. The app cannot find device but used app when I initially set up device. I have only been able to connect via PC at on IE (site won’t load in Chrome). Android app is updated. Uninstalled then reinstalled app. Reset device. Reset router. Can only connect via PC. Thoughts? Thanks.

I have the same problem with my Minix, but no problem with Firestick 4K. It took me hours to setup my Tablo, but when I went to the Firestick and iPad, no problems.

I think this is something Tablo support needs to look into.

Totally agree. I still can’t “find” my Tablo on my Android Smartphone, but Roku/Google Chromecast/Google Chrome on desktop computer are all fine. Thanks for confirming.

If you’re looking for the unique Tablo network, it will stop broadcasting once it’s been connected to your home network.

If you’re able to connect via your PC that means it’s on the network and you should be able to download the Tablo app on your other devices and connect to it without needing to complete setup.

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