Can't set up my Tablo

After typing in my network password, it’s just continually “checking credentials”. I am using my phone to try to set it up with wifi.

Do you have a computer you could use. Not sure about the phone but I know a Windoze computer will work.

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I’m not much of a computer guru. I would have no idea how to do it through my computer. That’s okay, I was able to set it up through my Roku. Thanks for the help anyways!

Glad you got it set up. If you go to on a computer on the same network as your Tablo, you should find the Tablo and can look at all its settings.


Just say’n in case someone passes over this days, weeks or month later looking for answers - the web app is not platform dependent - PC & MAC

We Recommend
Any PC or MAC computer running Chrome or Safari with a sufficient video card for playing high quality video will work with the Tablo web app.

Works on really any OS, and other browsers… but for “support” purposes, particularly during setup stick with recommendations.