Can't see the Tablo option in my wireless list no matter what I do

Hi, I recently received a first Tablo the other day.and no matter what I try I can’t get it connected via wired or wireless connection. It never has shown up in my wireless list even after pressing and holding the re-set button for 30+ seconds. I finally gave up on wireless and now have the unit hard wired so I loaded the app on my Amazon Fire TV but it keeps saying that no Tablo has been found on my network. I press “Re-scan” but I keep getting the same screen. I have gone through all the setups I can fine but nothing is working. Help!!

I seem to have the same problem. Got my new refurb Tablo 2 tuner unit in mail today, and while it seems to work when I hard-wire it via ethernet, none of my devices (Fire TV, android phone, laptop) can find it’s wifi connection. I did the factory reset, and still nothing. Almost seems like I got a defective unit.

Same here! this thing seems very unstable… will call support on Monday and unless they give me a very stable cure its getting returned to Best Buy. Wired or wireless and a lot of playing around with the router… cant figure it out…and have a very stable/strong network

Same issue here, in fact the site won’t even let me register the product. And, why is not support available on the weekend. Not a very good start to this relationship :rage:

So the Tablo is hard wired to your router? What is the make and model of your router?

And can you access the Tablo on any device? A smartphone, a tablet, a computer?

Seems a number of users are reporting setup issues. I wonder if there is a glitch on Tablo’s side and the new Tablos can’t call home, which they all seem to want to do during initial setup.

Hi, yes, it’s hard wired to my router. I’m using a Netgear AC1750. Haven’t had any trouble with my other devices connecting. So far I’ve tried my Android phone, an IPhone and my laptop and nothing. One odd thing I have been seeing in my list of wireless networks is one called “Open Network”. If I click on it, it’s asking for the SSID name. Not sure what name it’s looking for. Thanks for any help!

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There weren’t any issues over the weekend, but we’re double checking as it’s peculiar that you all had similar issues.

If any of you are still experiencing issues, give our support team a ring at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) - we’re here from Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET. Or if this is outside of your hours, send us a ticket and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

One thing to consider: what is the blue light on the front of the Tablo doing? If it’s flashing roughly once per second, this indicates that its waiting for an IP address from the router. If it’s solid blue, this indicates that it has an IP address, and should be visible to your devices using Tablo apps.

Note: your devices need to be on the same network to ‘find’ and connect to the Tablo.Additionally, your Tablo needs to be used at least once (and check into our server) before you’re able to add a subscription to it.

Thanks for the help. Mine is blinking every second at the moment. Is there any different configuration that needs to be done? I can at least go ahead and create a ticket.


I have already sent in a ticket for my situation. Did you need any other info. from me? Anxious to get things working!


Sent you a note with some next steps; the first thing we need is your Tablo’s MAC address. We also sent over a quick test to try to help us evaluate the hardware. Feel free to give us a call if you prefer.

Thanks, I called the tech support number today and they are sending me a replacement unit.

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