Can't rewind or fastforward

I can Chrome cast and use the Amazon Plex app.  Both put live TV on my screen, but I cannot fast forward, Rewind, or use any scroll bar on my tablet.  My tablet is a Galaxy 4, fully updated.  I just purchased my Tablo 4 tuner.  Any thoughts as to why?  Also, the Tablet will have the rewind and fast forward button for a brief second, then they’ll disappear.


On the Galaxy Tab 4, are you using the web app or the Android tablet app (the app designed for screens of at least 7").

I’ve tried both apps. Which is the better app?  I’ve even tried the web page directly.  No luck.  Thoughts?

I just ran some tests with my Galaxy 3 tablet using both apps (but no Plex).

Tablet app by itself - can Rewind and FF live tv and recordings
Tablet app with Chromecast - can only rewind and FF recordings.  Live TV can only be paused.

Web app by itself - can Rewind and FF live tv and recordings
Web app with Chromecast - cannot be done.


Web app on Android Tablet with Chromecast - do you even get any video playing? I hear that doesn’t work yet, or is that only Web app on smartphones?

The web app doesn’t have a Chromecast icon.  Only the main Android tablet app did.

Results from my new Tablo 2-tuner using a Nexus 7 and Chromecast.

Tablet app:
Tablet display - Pause, rewind and fast forward, both live and recordings.
Tablet casting to Chromecast - Pause OK. Cannot rewind/FF recordings or Live. 

Chromecasted content looks great for both live and recordings.  No buffering pauses.  Full 720P resolution.

Tablo has excellent RF sensitivity.  Received all my stations with all green dots.  This includes some "high in the band" stations that had frequent dropouts on my Tivo Premiere. 

The App has difficulty making a clean exit. Often leaves Chromecast, casting. Often crashes on exit and must be killed from task list in order to get a clean restart. 

Android App on Nexus too unstable to perform initial install on Tablo.
I used the Web App from a Chrome browser running on Ubuntu to update and install Tablo for the first time. No issues.