Can't reconnect to Tablo

Was having trouble with playback stopping so finally hit the Blue button on back of my dual lite to reset.
Got it back on the network but then got this when trying to connect…

Please help me resolve this.

iPhone? Delete the app, and then re-install the app.

You may also need to reboot your router.

Don’t delete the app. In the app, disconnect from the Tablo, rescan to find it then connect once again. That has cleared it for me in the past.

This issue started with the Apple TV (pausing while playing). While trying to fix it, migrated to the iPhone app, in that, could NOT get it to connect.
After trying to get it to connect on iphone, on a whim, went back out to Apple TV and it connected fine. So I stopped with the iPhone app cause the little one was content getting her Daniel Tiger working again.
Opened up app on my iPhone this morning (18 or so hours later) and it connects and plays.
All seems to be fine now :man_shrugging:

All of this started when the Apple TV app playback would frequently pause during playback (spinning wheel). After having to hit play a bunch of times I figured it was a Tablo issue, hence the reset.

But upon trying to fix it the signal strength for my wifi (as detected by the iPhone app near the Dual lite) is very very weak so I’m wondering if the playback issue has to do with the WiFi coverage in the location of the Tablo Dual LITE.

Here’s the locations (And approximate distance–straight lines, through walls) of each relevant device:

Router, basement, 15 feet from
Apple TV, 2nd floor living room, 17 feet from
Tablo Dual LITE, 2nd floor bedroom, 25 feet from