Can't get WiFi set up

Just got the LITE, and have been trying to set it up via WiFi. Can get my phone switched to the Tablo_XXXX network, and then can enter in my home network and password. The app then says getting network credentials, and does so for 2-3 minutes, then gives me an “unknown error”.


I believe that somewhere here another user had a similar complaint and it turned out that either their wifi network name or password had some special symbols (non-alpha/numeric) that Tablo couldn’t handle. I don’t remember what they were, just a suggestion for what may be happening.

Which Tablo app are you encountering this error on? If you try completing the WiFi setup on a PC, at, do you have the same issue?

The Tablo app for Android.

I haven’t used my PC because it’s not on wifi…it’s hardwired to my router.

Apologies for the delayed reply, did you manage to get this sorted out? If not, don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket, or to give us a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).