Can't get Tablo to finish setup on iPhone, Samsung, or tablets

I just received a Gen 4 Tablo yesterday. I tried to set it up last night and on my Samsung it would show the Tablo was connected and it was the screen that said wait and the next screen would load when complete…it never does. It will wait 5-10 minutes then say “Different network…” and I have to start over again. I only have ONE network so that’s not the problem. So, I tried it on my wife’s iPhone, same thing, after connecting it will not progress past the connected to wifi screen. i deleted and reinstalled the apps, and no luck.

I contacted customer support, first call 30 minutes and basically walked me through everything I already did, also mentioned turning off mobile data. After getting the same result he said try it on a phone that’s not an iPhone or Andrioid…seriously???

So, I have now tried it on the above, also an iPad and now an Amazon tablet and the same thing. I can see from my TV that it’s on the network, I just cannot get it to go past the connected screen on any device to finish setup. After my last 35-minute call to support he was going to send me an email walking me through setup…what could that email possibly have that isn’t in the app already? Well, he hung up and never sent the email. So, I’m checking here before I send it back.

I’ve removed and reinstalled the app, reset the Tablo every time, I’m cleared the data and cache, and I’ve even tried using a cable and nothing. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Any help would be appreshated.

Are you connecting your Tablo by hardwired or wirelessly?

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We’ve tried both ways.

Hi Ray, sorry to hear that you’ve been running into some issues getting setup. Our team is reviewing your ticket and escalating on our end. You should hear back soon!

Did Tablo release a Gen 4 app for Samsung?

Not as of yet that I’ve seen (assuming you mean Samsung TVs). I wasn’t sure if the OP was indicating a Samsung Android phone or a Samsung TV.