Can't get it setup

First off I own an IT consulting business so I know a thing or 2 about networking. This device is so frustratingly simple I’m about to return it to Amazon. Unboxed, plugged into ether network and my PC kept getting “There was a problem establishing an authenticated session with your Tablo. This could be due to either authentication or internet connectivity issues” Tried mobile app and got a similar message. Finally got it connected via wifi direct and plugged into the house wifi. From the PC connected and it needs a firmware upgrade. Great, did that and now the pc will not connect with a “A connection to your Tablo could not be established. Please check your internet connection.” Connected via iPhone and it shows it but will not add channels. I plug the OTA antenna straight into the TV and I’ve got 50 channels. Plug it into the Tablo and nothing. Power cycled the unit, PC sill cannot connect but iOS says no channels found. I have a flat 192.168.168.x network. Strong business class WiFi and ethernet to the Tablo and PC. Right now a channel scan finds zero channels and will not continue. My Roku does find the Tablo but says it needs to be setup. I’m lost and so far this thing sucks compared to a TiVO that just works out of the box. I have a Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR

Sorry but I am not going to be of any help to you. I did not have any trouble setting mine up but some have. From what I have seen Tablo support should be able to get you straightened out, but they are only available 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday Central time (I think).

Your best bet is to open a ticket through the support page on their site.

David… since you are at the initial stages to set up your Tablo you could try the Factory Reset procedure. Can’t hurt and might help.

If you give us a ring (1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or send our team a note, we should be able to run some quick tests to see what’s causing the issue.

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I’m assuming that a factory reset is holding the button down at the back of the unit for 7 seconds. Did that twice now in 2 days and today neither the PC nor the cell phone can even see the device. I sent a support request to Tablo. My issue right at the moment is I’m typically in the office 8 to 5 and not at home to play with a toy.

When you factory reset your DUAL, did you have to go through the setup process and channel scan again?

I just got the 4-tuner model, and initially it wouldn’t scan, either. The scan just sat at 0 RF channels scanned and declared that it didn’t find any digital channels.

Then it did a second firmware update, and after that the scan began working normally. Now the RF channel number counts up, pausing when it finds a signal. Obviously, I can’t say whether or not it was the second update that allowed the scan to start running.

I also had problems getting the very first connection (mobile phone to Tablo) to work, but once I unhooked the Ethernet cable and went to the Wi-Fi setup approach, all was well.

(Edited to add) Come to think of it, my Tablo didn’t format my hard drive until after the second update, either.

How did you get it to do a second firmware update?

I can’t get it to do the initial channel scan, nor a channel scan after the factory update. Its never been able to do a channel scan. Did a diagnostic mode with support this morning and they can’t see the device. Waiting on their reply

The second update happened spontaneously. The first update happened immediately on getting Internet access, but the second one was maybe fifteen minutes later. This is on the 4-tuner model, so it might not apply to yours.

I suspect it wasn’t the second update so much as the reset that naturally occurred after the update was installed. Or maybe not even that.

I can’t really offer much help in correcting the issue. Mostly I can say that I ran into similar problems, and they eventually went away. It seems to me that it should have been easier to get running than it was. But now that it’s running, everything’s going smoothly.

Odd behaviour; our team has sent you note, and we’ll continue to work with you to make sure things get up and running.

If you get zero chanels found on tablo initial setup, (but on same antenna your TV gets lots of channels) Try having the hard drive unplugged during the initial setup. When it asks you to plug in hard drive, just don’t, click to continue on. That worked for me, instead of 0 of 0, it found 49 channels. You can always add the hard drive later.