Can't Find Tablo Wi-Fi

I’m a brand new Tablo user who is having trouble getting it to connect the very first time. In trying to set it up with wifi, I was able to find the Tablo wifi network in my list of available wifi networks. It said it was connecting and then I received an error message saying there was a connectivity issue. In attempting to connect a second time, the Tablo’s wifi network disappeared from my list of available networks. I unplugged the Tablo for about 15 seconds, plugged it back in and still no response. I then rebooted the Tablo and it still did not show up in my wifi network list. The first time it at least showed up in the list, but said it was out of range. On subsequent tries it has disappeared from the list all together. I’m not sure what else to try. Does anyone have any ideas?

My Tablo is wired, however… Google Chromecast works the same way probably.  It sounds like your wireless device is automatically dropping the connection when it can’t find the “internet”.  There’s a setting on my phone to turn that off so I can use the connection to the Chromecast to tell it how to connect to my router.

Its network doesn’t show up on any of my wireless devices. Not on my Android phone, my wife’s iPad or my Galaxy tablet. I don’t understand how it can be there the first time out of the box but then when it doesn’t connect, it just disappears from any of my wireless devices list.

@abqmag once you setup wifi up it will not show up again, but I think you should be able to edit wifi, if you can even get to that screen. If not, I suggest you open a ticket with @TabloSupport at

Or @abqmag if this is a new setup hold the little blue button in the back for about 10 seconds. It will reset and start over fresh. Of course wiping out anything you have on the hard drive :wink:

The Tablo acts as a wireless access point only until it’s connected to Wi-Fi itself. Once it can make a connection it stops acting as an AP and you no longer see it in the list of available networks. It does take a reset to force it to go back into access point mode.

But if your network is not secured, it might connect automatically at which point yes, it disappears from the list of networks on all devices. 
Supposedly if it can’t connect to Wi-Fi, that shows up again, but maybe I’m mistaken and it takes a factory reset to do that. 
In any case, once it’s ON another network, that option disappears.
And if an Ethernet cable is plugged into Tablo, it disables it’s internal Wi-Fi abilities so if you want if Wi-Fi, do not plug a cable into it. that’s on the top of the back side of the quick-start guide in case anyone is wondering. Not in those words, but implied…


At this point, is the Tablo’s blue LED flashing or solid? If it’s flashing, you should see the Wi-Fi network appear in your list. If it doesn’t, it’s possible the Tablo already connected to your network. 

Head over to the Tablo app and tap Connect to see if it can establish a connection, instead of trying to go through the setup process again.