Can't find a show that I want to record

I’m having trouble with special awards not being in the list of shows to record. Specifically I can’t find the Emmy awards that are supposed to air on ABC on Sept 18th, 2016. I’ve searched for it by name and it doesn’t show up. Any ideas?

It is 2 weeks away, check when your guide data was last updated. It is there if you have the ABC channel, I searched for “Emmy”. See photo below. Channel 7-1 is ABC.

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Under Settings, go to Guide Status, it will tell you when it was last updated. The Tablo only has 2 weeks of guide data on it.

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When I looked at my guide data this morning, it wasn’t there (after the typical 2 AM guide download).

I updated the guide again, and it now shows up.


Were you able to get this sorted out @Stacy_V?

Yes, thank you. I updated and then it showed up.