Can't Delete Recordings

Using ROKU box. After watching an episode of a show I cannot delete it from the “Recordings” page. I select the show, click on it and Click on “Delete” I get a screen that lets me choose “Cancel”, Delete All and “Delete Watched”. When I select either of the last two (“Delete All and Delete Watched”) they turn red and when I click on either the system takes me back to the previous page. And of course, when I return to the “Recordings” page the show is still listed. I have, in the options section, selected “Auto Delete” but I should be able to manually remove shows from the recordings page, right? I am using the Cloud Storage Option. Thanks for listening

Before you mentioned Cloud Storage Option, I was gonna recommend instead of exiting the Roku Tablo app, via the popup menu, or by pressing the Roku remote home button, try selecting ‘Disconnect’ from the Roku Tablo app popup menu, and then try reconnecting.

Not sure if it’ll make any difference using the Cloud Storage Option.