Can't delete previously recorded TV icon


Hello, this has been an ongoing issue for months now. At first I couldn’t delete one show from a series but now it has finally deleted and the TV show icon is still in my recordings on 2 ios devices and an Android (main device to TV) as well as the WebApp. Can someone help get rid of this annoyance please? I have seen other threads on this issue, nothing I saw on those seems to work for me. I have rebooted several times, both my devices and Tablo. I cleared the cache on my android device and even deleted the app and reinstalled, still there!

I’ve had this in the past and it’s actually a problem with the Tablo database. Open a ticket with support and they will have you put your Tablo in remote access mode, once they get in they can correct the db problems and it’ll go away.

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I’ve had this happen in the past under these conditions:

  1. Scheduled recurring recording of a series.
  2. Series episodes were recorded.
  3. Removed channel series was broadcast on.

The result was phantom recordings I couldn’t delete.
I was finally able to delete the recordings, and have their icons removed, by re-adding the channel the recordings originated from.
I also unscheduled the series from recording section, before removing the channel once more.

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Thank you, I thought that might be the case.

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