Can't connect to Tablo anymore

I had my Tablo working from my PC and my Rokus for quite a while. Then I was getting a notification about needing to update firmware. Not gonna lie, I ignored it. I don’t use the Tablo often, so it only came up a handful of times over a few months.

Now the app on the Roku says that there is no Tablo connected. I tried to put my PC on the Table wifi network to re-add it, but even connected to its wifi it’s not finding it. (When I hit “Add via wifi” it just sits on the screen instructing me to connect to the Tablo wifi network. Never acknowledges that I am connected.) I even held down the blue reset button in the back for a while, to try starting completely over, but that did not change anything.

So yes, this is likely my fault for ignoring the firmware notice. sigh But is there any way for me to update it now that nothing will recognize it?

First thing I would do is move the Tablo to somewhere you can hardwire it via ethernet to your computer. Then reboot it and see if the web app (running in Chrome) can see it.

@teleute I agree with @FlyingDiver’s advice - if this doesn’t do the trick (or allow you to get on the latest firmware at least), send a note to our support team.

No joy with the wired connection either. Note to support sent. Thanks!