Can't connect to chrome and IE

This started last night where I cannot connect through Chrome or IE. The comes up however Connect to Tablo screen appears and you have 3 choices.

  1. Connect – clicked on it several times but it keeps coming back to this screen.
    — also clicked on the X to delete this setting… get message saying:
    this will delete the sync data from your browser
    This will NOT impact the Tablo itself --your schedules and recordings will be presevered
    Cancel OK
    Clicked OK and it removes the Tablo
    Then the Connect to Tablo screen comes back with New Tablo with Connect under it.
    Tried to connect but I keep on going around in circles.

  2. Re-Scan – Re-Scanned comes back with my tablo

  3. Add via Wifi — clicked on this and it comes up saying
    Connect Via Wifi
    Connect to your Tablo Wi-fi Network: it looks like this:
    You will need your home wi-fi network password
    can’t do anything there just clicking on the back arrow on the webpage.

I was able to use the web browser yesterday morning, however last night is when I could not.
I have rebooted my computer, deleted the tablo tab and started a new tab. I mainly use Chrome so i tried it with IE and I get the same results.

I have unplugged the Tablo for a couple of minutes, plugged it back in and still getting the same results.
I have unplugged: Charter modem, Netgear wireless router, 2 Rokus and my Tablo, plugged in Charter modem, waited for it to come back up, Netgear wireless router waited until it came back up, main Roku waited for it to come back up, second Roku waited for it to come back up, Tablo tried to connect through web browser and still getting same screen.

I can connect to my Tablo on my Tablet and Android cell phone, they have synced with my Tablo.

I am out of problem solving solutions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


What is the make and model of the Netgear router?

Connect the Tablo to the Netgear router, not the Charter modem.

I believe the Chrome app only works when the PC is connected to the Internet and when it can communicate with the Tablo home office server. If either one of these conditions exist the Chrome browser to will not work. You might have to wait a while if the Tablo home office server is down.

I am sorry, gave wrong info on the wireless router… it is a linksys E1200 I have had no problems with it before and the Tablo is connected to the Linksys E1200 wirelessly.

my pc is connected to the internet and using it right now…
My Cell phone and Tablet are connected to the internet as well through the Linksys E1200 and they don’t have any issues connecting and syncing.

I don’t believe the apps that run on the cell phone and tablet require access to the Tablo servers to connect like does.

Try again over the next few days to see if you can get your PC to connect.

Other than that I’m afraid I don’t have a definitive explanation or solution.

I have Chrome on my IPhone and was just now able to connect with my TABLO via

hmmm. I cannot connect through chrome on my phone or my PC however I am able to connect through the Tablo app on my phone and tablet.

it is just so weird. I will wait a couple of days and if I still can not connect through Chrome on my pc or phone I will contact support to see what they have to say.
Thank you very much for your suggestions.
I will post back what the outcome is.

@luv2bike2nv Hope this worked out! If not, give us a shout!