Can't connect through app

After connecting my new Tablo device, I had the app on via Chorme browser. When I clicked on the Tablo wifi connection, it said Connected but the app did nothing. Refreshing just triggered a “No Internet Connection” screen. The light is blinking blue. I’ve reset router/Tablo, nothing changes. In app I’ve also tried “Rescan” with no change.

@rando Make sure you click on ‘Add via Wi-Fi’ before you switch networks.
A step-by-step walkthrough can be fond here.

The next morning it seemed to have fixed itself. I haven’t had this same issue so I guess I can consider this fixed. When I watch Live using Chrome in WIndows 10, the shows often get stuck loading, or loops within about 2-20 minutes, such that I haven’t been able to watch a complete show yet.

What model of computer? The Xbox/Windows 10 app doesn’t work on Lenovo 100S. To be fair, SlingTV also doesn’t work on it. It’ s been a week or so since I contacted Tablo support. Will give them a call now to check.

Thanks for the response. It’s a Gateway FX6831. The app itself is responsive in other areas, just watching Live TV on it is an issue.

Could be router. Are you wireless?

Yes, the antenna and Tablo are in attic while the router is two floors below. I will be moving Tablo to second floor to avoid high temps in summer (I live in Phoenix). Ideally I’d use ethernet cord but so far my attempts to get a cord from attic to bottom floor have been fruitless as my original plan was to have antenna hooked up directly to TV.

Try to reset your device/PC network by deleting and reloading the app, or if using your PC’, run it’s network auto troubleshooting procedure.