Can't connect more than one device off network

I have a 4 tuner Tablo connected to a Belkin N600 DB router via ethernet. One device will connect while on a different network but as soon as as I try to connect a second one, the first one shuts off. This happens even with the Remote Streaming Quality set to 500kbps. Works great with 4 devices on home network. Works great with 3 devices on home network and 1 on different network. Won’t stream to 2 devices simultaneously on a different network. Can anybody help?

“number of remote connections that the Tablo can support simultaneously is limited by the number of tuners that the Tablo has (2 or 4 depending on model)”

From this:

Were other tuners in use at the time of your test recording or watching live TV? These would take priority.

4 tuner unit, no other devices connected, no recordings taken place. I’ve had the unit for approx 1 month and Sunday was the first time we’ve had reason to try 2 devices off home network simultaneously. Been trouble shooting since then, connecting a second device off home network always disconnects one already streaming.

You have a HDD connected to the Tablo right?

Yes. It’s been working flawlessly with both live tv and recordings, on home network and away from home network. Again, this weekend was first occasion to use 2 devices simultaneously away from home network but foresee the need to do it more often (especially if my Packers keep losing and get fewer nationally televised games :frowning:)

@bandtab - Sorry to rain on your football parade but Tablo Connect is limited to 1 concurrent session unless you have your Tablo Connect setting at ‘Full Quality’. Plus, most internet upload speeds just can’t handle two sessions at once.

Thanks for clarifying - but that’s not what your documentation on the knowledge base states. I quoted above that indicated 2 streams via Tablo Connect at a lower bitrate than FQ would work with a Dual tuner model.

If someone has say 10 Mbps upload speed, then doing 2 devices at 1 Mbps is definitely possible. Maybe changing this feature would be a good idea?


What is your Internet’s upload speed?

Yeah - I actually didn’t know this until the engineers told me today. We’ll be making that edit.

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My Tablo’s recording quality is 720p 3 Mbps. And this is the upload bandwidth speed / usage when streaming remotely at Full Quality on my Interent that is 10 Mbpps upload. You’ll see the peak is around 7.5 Mbps. So you’ll need a fast internet upload speed to stream at FQ on more than 1 device.

Exactly. A 4-tuner unit serves me no better than a 2-tuner unit then. $80 spent for no additional benefit. Thanks a lot.

@theuser86 I seem to get upload speeds of 3.5-3.7 Mbps

So then you can’t stream remotely at Full Quality then. You could get faster internet?

The Tablo is located at my parents’ house in a semi-rural area in WI (as I live in another state) so the higher speed internet is just not available there.
@theuser86 Thanks for the help.

Ah boo - how is the video quality streaming at 500 Kbps though? Is it watchable?

But for now, at least you can stream remotely to one device at 2 Mbps or 3 Mbps setting.

I had only set it to 500 Kbps during my trouble shooting, thinking that lower quality would help solve the problem. It wasn’t very watchable. At 1.5 Mbps I get a very watchable picture, even on a 42" tv through a FireTV. At 2Mbps the stream starts to stutter.