Can't Click on "Add to Guide"

I just moved and did a reset on my Tablo box. During the channel setup, it’s finding channels, but after the scan the “Add to Guide” button is not active, so I can’t click it.

I’ve tried multiple browsers with no luck. Any ideas?

I assume that in the browser you deleted the tablo, cleared the browser cache, exited the browser, restarted the browser, rescanned for tablos, and added the tablo.

And can you change other setting options?

yup … did all that in the latest chrome. It takes me through the initial setup, so I don’t ever get to the regular screens to go to settings.

It does occasionally lose connection and has to reconnect during the scan.

So, I was able to use developer tools to remove the “disabled” tag from the button to advance to the next screen of the setup.

That’s pretty odd. Which Tablo app were you using?

No app. I was just doing this in Google Chrome for initial setup of the device.

Very peculiar. If you’re able to reproduce this, let me know. We could use the console logs from your browser to get this over to our development team.

Happens extremely consistently. I’ll test it again in a bit

Thanks @Aaron_Axelsen , the same thing just happened to me with Chrome going through setup for the first time. I used the Chrome developer tools and took the .disabled off of the style and was able to continue.