Can't back out of show info

Since the latest 1.1 app update for Android TV, there are many times when I cannot back out of a show’s information. (Using the back button on the remote to get to a prior screen.)

This happens the most often when I am looking at a split recording and select Upcoming Airings. I’ve included an example of one where it shows 1 upcoming airing, but no listings are shown on the screen. This does happen when getting show information for a future show (and sometimes there will be listings) but not quite as often. While once in a while it appears that the FireOS app will do the same, I am able to press the back button a few times until it finally asks if I’d like to exit Tablo. [Edit: in this instance, a Firestick test makes me force quit as well. However, the Roku doesn’t show the Upcoming Airings option for this show so I could not use it to try and duplicate the problem.]

The only way to get out of this predicament on an Android TV is to go to my main screen and force quit the app. Has anyone else had experience with this issue? (Not sure if this is related to why two other recordings showed that they recorded complete, but actually only recorded about 7 minutes of the show. These are two other times I can remember that the app has hung like this.)

Thanks as always for anything you can recommend!

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Has there been a workaround for this issue? When looking at failed recordings (FAST is well-known for this) that need to be rescheduled, I run into this issue at least once a day.

No matter how long I wait, nothing appears and that force-quit (or viewing device reboot) is inevitable.

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First off, that movies seems pretty dang cool. Now I want to watch it! :star_struck:

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It was just on again the other day and I was able to catch it. Haven’t watched it yet…

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