Can't access Tablo web app from my Mac

I upgraded to MacOS Catalina Saturday. At the same time I switched the tablo from wireless to Ethernet. I can no longer access the tablo web app from my desktop. I can see it from both my Apple TVs, and my iPhone and iPad can also access the Tablo app.

When I try to open the web app from the site, it tells me no tablos are available. I know what the IP address of the tablo is and I can ping it from the desktop but I can’t access the web app.

Any suggestions?

What’s the IP address of the Tablo, and what’s the IP address of the desktop computer? is the Tablo and is my desktop so both are on the same network

Try rebooting your router. And then rebooting the computer.

On Chrome try
Windows will connect locally on tablo.

This ever get resolved? I have the same issue. Roku, Android, iOS, ChromeOS all connect fine, macOS connected once with Chrome and Safari browser, now stuck at launch. Clearing caches didn’t have any impact.

I’m experiencing the same. Thought it might have to do with cache issue, but similar to previous poster, cleared cache and still having issues in Chrome and Safari on Mac. Works fine on Apple TV and iPhone. Any guidance?

Do you have a VPN enabled on your computer?