Cannot watch a recorded show

I purchased a Tablo quad about a month ago. In our main room, we watch it through our Roku. In our family room, which is a LG smart t.v. i just have it hooked up through the t.v. When we first hooked up Tablo in our family room, I would just navigate to the Tablo Icon, and we could watch a show that we recorded on our main t.v. Now, when I navigate to the Tablo Icon, I get a listing of shows we recorded, and when I click on one I want to watch, I am unable to watch it. I get two windows on the right, one saying options, and the other Delete. I have attached a photo of what I see. I cannot do anything else with what I am seeing, it will not give me an option to watch now, as we are able to with our main tv, which is also a LG smart tv. I also am not able to look at the channel line up. By the way, I am a subscribe with Tablo. I also did an upgrade this morning. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

I think you’re seeing the series info.
The recorded episodes should appear after you navigate down.
The v near the bottom is an arrow pointing down, meaning there’s more to show you below.

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