Cannot us Firefox, Chrome, OR Safari--help!

I’m able to connect to my tablo using any browser.

In Safari: Sync endlessly asks for more database storage (weirdly, it says the site is requesting 10 MB, and my settings allow for 10 MB).  I hit “allow” about 50 times over 5 minutes, and it never got past half way.

In Firefox and Chrome: Syncs and pulls up recordings. When I attempt to play any video, both browsers prompt to allow DivX web app.  Then they load and I get an error that says, “the downloaded file isn’t a DivX file.”  If I hit “don’t allow” they endlessly spool.

I’m using all the latest everything named in this article on OSX

If you haven’t already, you should contact Tablo Support directly (, or try contacting @TabloSupport in the Support & Troubleshooting category of this forum.

@allthatssolid This is a known bug in Safari - we recommend using Chrome until we can work around this. I haven’t heard of the Divx issue before, though. Can you try disabling the plugin and playing video? You may want to clear your cache in Chrome once you’ve tried this. (Settings > Tools > Clearing browsing data).