Cannot update with new firmware

Hello. I recently purchased a 4 tuner Tablo and is connected via ethernet cable to my router. I have a pc wired via ethernet as well as the android app on my phone. I am able to stream to my phone, pc and chromecast (although I need to restart the Tablo about every two days). I am trying to update to the new firmware however I keep getting a message stating “The update was aborted” with a “Done” button. Then the unit keeps downloading and installing in a continuous loop with the same error message every time.

It seems to download the update every time but fails to install. It is the same with both the hardwired PC and the Android app.

Any ideas?

Hey @M_B - We had a LOT of people trying to update over the weekend so our servers were getting a bit overloaded. We’ve added some more horsepower so you should be A-OK to try again now.

Ok thanks. I’ll give it a try tonight.